Pandemic Rules

Currently, there are no special pandemic rules in Georgia. The wearing of face mask is mandatory only in medical institutions (hospital, pharmacy and the like). For recent update of the rules, please check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.


Do I need VISA?

Please check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to see whether you need a VISA to enter the country.


Arrival Details

There are three international airports in major cities of Georgia: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

Tbilisi Inernational Airport is the busiest airport in Georgia, located 17km southeast of capital Tbilisi. The airport is served by approximately 30 airlines, mainly from Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia serving roughly 30 destinations out of Tbilisi. The airport is well-connected to the city center. For details, see to/from the airport guide.

Cheap flights are available from/to Kutaisi International Airport, which is located in 250km from Tbilisi. Two companies Georgian Bus and Omnibus Express provide bus/minibus transfers from/to all major cities in Georgia (price per person from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi is 20 GEL - approx. 6 Euros).


Local transportation

Local transportation is very cheap in Tbilisi. Minibus, bus (including airport bus), and subway cost only 1 GEL (approx. 0.3 Euro). Taxi costs 10-20 GEL (approx. 3-6 Euro) in Tbilisi between any two locations inside the city, and from the airport to the city center it costs around 40 Gel (approx. 12 Euro). Please check the Tbilisi Transport Company website for more details.

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