Second Tbilisi International Seasonal School "Logic, Language, Artificial Intelligence"

19-25 September 2022

In todays world, which stands on the verge of the digital age, for a number of natural languages, a great deal of research efforts are being actively to create computer systems equipped with almost completely knowledge of these languages (i.e. to create technological alphabets for these languages) in order to protect them from danger of digital extinction. Accordingly, for the aims of protection Georgian and Abkhazian Languages from danger of digital extinction, the objective of the Tbilisi International Seasonal School "Logic, Language, Artificial Intelligence" (TbiLLAI) is to support research activities to create technological alphabets of Georgian and Abkhazian languages extended with machine translation abilities. Thus, TbiLLAI is aimed at introducing its participant with goals, methods, results, and perspectives of researches directed to the complete technology support of Georgian, Abkhazian, and/or any other natural languages, that, obviously, will help them to get more familiar with interdisciplinary direction of Logic, Language, Artificial Intelligence and to facilitate their involvement in this epochal important scientific field.

ISR 2022
International School on Rewriting

19-24 September 2022

Rewriting is a powerful model of computation that underlies much of declarative programming and which is heavily used in symbolic computation in mathematics, theorem proving, and protocol verification.

CLAS 2022
International Tbilisi Summer School in Logic and Language

19-23 September 2022

The summer school is organised by the Kurt Gödel Society. The aim of this summer school is to bring international and Georgian scientists and students together.

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