I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences


IUTAM SYMPOSIUM (Ga.04-09(=S.2))



Dedicated to Centenary of Ilia Vekua

I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

April 23 – 27, 2007

a) Scientific Committee


Philipppe G. Ciarlet (Hong Kong)
Anatoly Gerasimovich Gorshkov (Russia)
Jorn Hansen (Canada)
George V. Jaiani (Georgia), Chairman

Reinhold Kienzler (Germany)
Herbert A. Mang (Austria)
Paolo Podio-Guidugli (Italy)
Gangan Prathap (India)

IUTAM Representative D. (Dick) H. van Campen (Netherlands)


Gia Avalishvili (I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics)

Natalia Chinchaladze (I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics), Secretary

David Gordeziani (I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics)

George Jaiani (I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics), Chairman

Gela Kipiani (Georgian Technical University)

Tengiz Meunargia (Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Nugzar Shavlakadze (A.Razmadze Mathematical Institute of Georgian Academy of Sciences)

Ilia Tavkhelidze (Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Tamaz Vashakmadze (Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

b) Short summary of scientific progress achieved

During the sessions, the contributions of the authors were discussed in a lively, thorough but friendly atmosphere. New results were emphasized and relations to established theories were elaborated. Especially the Round Table provided a good opportunity to discuss matters in a broader context. Different approaches and different points of view to the same or similar problems were compared and evaluated. In this sense, the symposium was very successful by stimulating further research and mutual interactions.

c) Countries represented and number of participants

Austria 1

Armenia – 5

Bulgaria – 1

Canada – 2

Georgia – 20

Germany – 8

Italy – 4

Netherlands – 1

Poland – 1

Russia – 1

Romania – 1

Switzerland – 1

Turkey – 2

UK – 1

Ukraine – 1

d) Publication of Proceedings of the Symposium

There are submitted 20 papers for publication in Proceedings (at symposium there were given 25 talks).

e) Financial support

List of grantees and the amounts supported in US Dollars:

1. Aghalovyan Lenser (Armenia) - 400 USD
2. Bagdoev Alexander (Armenia) - 400 USD
3. Belubekyan Vagharshak (Armenia) - 400 USD
4. Birsan Mircea (Romania) - 130 USD
5. Chipot Michel (Switzerland) - 957 USD
6. Duduchava Roland (Georgia) - 72 USD
Gavdilova Elena (Bulgaria) - 1269 USD
8. Guidugli Paolo P. (Italy) - 770 USD
9. Meunargia Tengiz (Georgia) - 72 USD
Safaryan Yuri (Armenia) - 400 USD
11. Shavlakadze Nugzar (Georgia) - 72 USD

f) Scientific program

Monday, April 23

900-1000 Registration

1000-1100 Opening Ceremony (VIAM, I.Vekua Lecture-Hall)

George Khubua (Rector of Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Natia Jokhadze (Acting Director of the Georgian National Science Foundation, Georgia)

Dick H. Van Campen (IUTAM Secretary-General, Netherlands)

1100-1145 Opening Lecture

Bojarski Bogdan (Poland). Life and scientific activity of Ilia Vekua

1430-1530 Meeting with the President of the Georgian Academy of Sciences

1600-1700 Visit to Mtatsminda Pantheon

1800 Jubilee Session (Rustaveli State Theatre)

2030 Reception by the Ministry of Education and Science (Palace of Youth)

Tuesday, April 24

VIAM, Room of Seminars

1000-1130 Mang, Herbert A.; Aigner E.; Lackner R.; Eberhardsteiner J.; Piegl M.; Wistuba M.; Blab R. (Austria). Multiscale assessment of low-temperature performance of flexible pavements

1035-1105 Aghalovyan, Lenser A. (Armenia). An asymptotic method of solving three-dimensional boundary value problems of statics and dynamics of thin bodies

1110-1140 Altenbach, Holm; Johannes, Meenen (Germany). On the different possibilities to derive plate and shell theories

1155-1225 Bagdoev, Alexander; Safaryan, Yuri (Armenia). 3D investigation of bending free vibrations in ferromagnetic rectangular free supported plates

1230-1300 Birsan, Mircea (Romania). Recent developments in the theory of Cosserat elastic shells and applications

1305-1335 Duduchava, Roland (Georgia). Partial differential equations on hypersurfaces and shell theory

1500-1530 Chipot, Michel (Switzerland). On anisotropic singular perturbations problems

1535-1605 Hansen, Jorn S. (Canada). A hierarchical beam and plate modeling theory based on homogenization

1610-1640 Jaiani, George (Georgia). Physical and mathematical moments and analysis of peculiarities of setting of boundary conditions for cusped shells and beams

1700-1800 Round Table

Thursday, April 26

VIAM, Room of Seminars

1000-1130 Belubekyan, Vagharshak (Armenia). Stability of a rectangular plate with account of transverse shear deformations

1035-1105 Lorenzo, Freddi (Italy). Variational dimension reduction in non linear elasticity: a Young measure approach

1110-1140 Meunargia, Tengiz (Georgia). The method of a small parameter for I. Vekua’s nonlinear and nonshallow shell models

1155-1225 Bagdoev, Alexander; Vardanyan, Anna; Vardanyan, Sedrak (Armenia). The analytical and numerical investigation of free bending vibrations of ferromagnetic cylindrical shell by exact space treatment

1230-1300 Chinchaladze, Natalia (Georgia). Vibration of an elastic plate under action of an incompressible fluid

1305-1335 Gavrilova, Elena (Bulgaria). Joint vibrations of a rectangular shell and gas in it

1500-1530 Kienzler, Reinhold; Bose D. K. (Germany). Material conservation laws established within a consistent plate theory

1535-1605 Oguamanam, Donatus C.D.; McLean C.; Hansen Jorn S. (Canada). The extension and application of the hierarchical beam theory to piezoelectrically actuated beams

1610-1640 Shavlakadze, Nugzar (Georgia). Problems of the mathematical theory of elasticity for plates with elastic inclusions

1700-1800 Round Table

Friday, April 27

VIAM, Room of Seminars

1000-1030 Bojarski, Bogdan (Poland). Primary solutions of general Beltrami equations

1035-1105 Paroni, Roberto (Italy). Thin walled elastic beams: a rigorous justification of vlasov theory

1110-1140 Schlebusch, Rainer; Zastrau, Bernd (Germany). On the simulation of textile reinforced concrete layers by a surface–related shell formulation

1155-1225 Vashakmadze, Tamaz (Georgia). On basic systems of equations of continuum mechanics and some mathematical problems for anisotropic thin-walled structures

1230-1300 Avalishvili, Mariam; Avalishvili, Gia; Gordeziani, David (Georgia). Hierarchical modeling of multistructures.

1305-1335 Round Table

1500-1545 Closing Lecture:

Podio-Guidugli, Paolo (Italy). Validation of classical beam and plate models by variational convergence

g) Best Scientific Paper Award

Georgian National Science Foundation established “Best Scientific Paper Award” for three participants of the IUTAM Symposium. According to the decision of the International Scientific Committee of IUTAM Symposium these award went to Natalia Chinchaladze (Georgia), Freddi Lorenzo (Italy), and Rainer Schlebusch (Germany).

Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics