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Ilia Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics
of  Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
2, University Street, 0186, Tbilisi, Georgia


+995 (32) 2186645


+995 (32) 2303040; +995 (32) 2303040

VIAM was founded in 1968 with the following main scientific directions:

  • The investigation of multi-dimensional differential and integral equations and development of methods of their
    solutions for the problems of shell theory, theory of elasticity, meteorology and radiation transfer theory

  • The investigations of probability theory and mathematical statistics and their applications to problems of dynamic
    programming, mass service and processing of experimental data

  • Development of theoretical and applied problems of programming,
    including the formation of the system of algorithms and programs to solve the typical problems on the computer

  • Development and application of methods of applied mathematics and
    computer techniques in organizing the teaching process at Universities. 

In 1978 it was named after its founder, first director and scientific leader, Academician Ilia Vekua.

Directors of VIAM

At the Institue in the different periods before 2006 there were the following departments

  • Shell theory (Head first V. Zhgenti then T. Meunargia)

  • Mathematical physics (Head first L. Magnaradze then I. Tavkhelidze)

  • Mechanics of continua (Head T. Gegelia)

  • Differential equations and optimal control (Head first G. Kharatishvili then T. Tadumadze)

  • Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms (Head first Sh. Pkhakadze then Kh. Rukhaia)

  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics (Head E. Nadaraia)

  • Problems of physics and engineering (Head A. Khvoles)

  • Mathematical and cybernetic problems of economics (Head first A. Toronjadze then R. Chitashvili)

  • Numerical methods and programming (Head Sh. Nikolaishvili)

  • Computers (Head N. Svanidze)

  • Differential and integral equations of mathematical physics (Head L. Magnaradze)

  • Numerical methods (Head first D. Gordeziani then R. Botchorishvili)

  • Ordinary differential equations (Head I. Kiguradze)

  • Projective methods (Head T. Vashakmadze)

  • Theory of elasticity (Head M. Basheleishvili)

  • Complex analysis and its applications (Head first G. Manjavidze then N. Avazashvili)

  • Applied mechanics (Head R. Sajaia)

  • Transfer theory (Head Sh. Nikolaishvili)

  • Applied works (Head G. Sharashidze)

  • Partial differential equations (Head A. Bitsadze)

  • Hydrodynamics (Head first R. Devdariani then G. Devdariani)

  • Mathematical programming and control systems (Head K. Tsiskaridze)

  • Functional analysis and their applications (Head Z. Chanturia)

  • Discrete mathematics (Head A. Kharazishvili)

  • Scientific-technical Information (Head K. Zhvania)

  • System Programming (Head J. Antidze)

  • Computing of Economical information (Head M. Jibuti)

  • Software (Head first A. Kvitashvili then A. Tsiskaridze)

  • Electronic modeling (Head G. Varazi)

  • Modernization of computers (Head R. Berulava)

  • External devices of computers (Head S. Kipshidze)

  • Computer BESM-4 (Head first N. Svanidze then Z. Didishvili)

  • Computer M-220 (Head first O. Chkhaidze then K. Samsonia)

  • Computer BESM-6 (Head first N. Svanidze then O. Chigvinadze)

  • Computer ES-1020 (Head first N. Svanidze then A. Katamadze)

  • Computer BESM-6/7 (Head first O. Chkhaidze then J. Ukleba)

  • Computer ES-1033 (Head first K. Samsonia then A. Katamadze then J. Gabrashvili)

  • Computer ES-1061 (Head J. Kelbakiani)

  • Computing of Economical information (Head M. Jibuti)


  • Solid-fluid interaction problems (Head N. Khomasuridze)

  • Investigations of extraordinary phenomena (Head G. Aburjania)

  • Investigations of magneto-hydrodynamic processes in plasma (Head T. Kaladze)

  • Mathematical modelling of Hydro-meteorological Processes (Head T. Davitashvili)

  • Hardware and VLSI Design (Head A.Gamkrelidze)

  • Hardware (Head I. Khokhiashvili)

and besides Youth Centre for implementation and development of information technologies (Head G. Avalishvili)


The institute has been reorganized in December 2006.

Structure of VIAM in 2007-2008

Structure of VIAM in 2009

Structure of VIAM in 2010

Structure of VIAM in 2011

Structure of VIAM in 2012

Structure of VIAM in 2013

Structure of VIAM in 2014

Structure of VIAM in 2015

Structure of VIAM in 2016

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