1. NAME: Gordeziani David G.

  3. YEAR OF BIRTH: 1937, december 9

  5. NATIONALITY: Georgian

  7. PROFESSION: mathematician

  9. MARITAL STATUS: Married, two daughters

  11. POSITION IN FIRM: Director

  13. OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Gordeziani David, Professor, Dr. of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics of Tbilisi State University (VIAM TSU) University st. 2, Tbilisi 43, Republic of Georgia

    Fax: (99532) 304697.
    Tel: (99532) 303040, 308098.(W); (99532) 324670 (H)


  15. KEY QUALIFICATION: Computational mathematics, mathematical modelling, and mathematical physics. Application of methods of mathematical modelling, computational mathematics and mathematical physics for solution of problems in thermoelasticity, shell-theory, hydro-gas-dynamics, meteorology and ecology.

  17. EDUCATION: Graduated from Tbilisi State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, 1961; Post-graduate studentship, Tbilisi State University, 1961-1964

  19. EXPERIENCE: Director of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics;


    Head of Department of Computational mathematics of Tbilisi State University. Supervised the Institute scientific-research works, concerning investigation and realization of different problems of mathematical physics and mechanics of continuum media. During that period I investigated problems of the theory of elastic mixtures, nonlocal-in-time problems for some equations of mathematical physics; mathematical models for computation of thermoelastic state of some energetic plants (TOKAMAK-15) (The works were carried out together with the colleagues of I. V. Kurchatov Atomic Energy Institute, Moscow).



    Deputy Director of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics. Supervised the Institute scientific-research works in computational mathematics, magnetic hydro-dynamics, meteorology, shell-theory. During that period investigated and developed methods of decomposition for nonstationary problems of mathematical physics; the works on thermo-elastic state of some energetic plants were carried out together with I. V. Kurchatov AtomicEnergy Institute, Moscow).



    Head of the department of Numerical Methods of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics. Supervised the scientific work of the department in shell theory, meteorology, ecology, magnetic hydro-dynamics, computation and optimization of gas pipelines; took part, together with the scientists of Taganrog Radio-Technic Institute, in special works concerning modelling of computing devices for aircrafts; I participated in the investigation of computing methods for problems of plasm physics too (together with colleagues of USSR Academy Institute of Applied Mathematics and Sukhumi Physical-Technical Institute).



    Probationer of the Laboratory of Numerical Analysis in the Paris University (science supervisor - acad., prof. J.-L. Lions).



    Senior scientific worker at I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics; investigation of the variational-differentional schemes for problems of I. Vekua theory of shells. Investigation of the economical-differentional schemes for solution of problems of mathematical physics.



    Junior research worker of A. Razmadze Institute of Mathematics, Georgian Academy of Sciences. Investigation of stability and convergence of finite differentional schemes for some nonlinear parabolic equations; investigation of local one-dimensional schemes for parabolic equations of 2m-order.


  21. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Since 1963 I have been reading lectures in programming and computational mathematics at the Tbilisi State University. In 1966 I defended a candidate’s thesis in speciality "Computational mathematics" at the Academic Council of A. Razmadze Institute of Mathematics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (head of the Council-acad., prof. N. I. Muskhelishvili). The title of the thesis: "About Numerical solution of some Parabolic Differentional Equations of the Second and Higher Order" (under supervision of acad., prof. Sh. Mikeladze). In 1981 I defended a thesis for a doctor’s degree in speciality "Computational mathematics" at the Moscow State University at the Academy Council of Computational mathematics and Cybernetics (head of Council - acad., prof A. N. Tikhonov); The title of thesis "Construction Methods of Approximate Solutions for Some Classes of Multidimensional Problems of Mathematical Physics". Under my supervision were prepared and defended 15 candidate’s thesises and 5 thesises for a doctor’s degree. Took part in organization and holding of several international, All-Union and Republic congresses, symposiums, conferences, schools on mathematics, computational mathematics, mechanics, theory of shells, hydro-dynamics, magnetic hydrodynamics, informatics (e. g. International Congress of Mathematicians, Warsaw, 1982, report "About Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of One Class of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations"; International Congress of Mathematics, Zürich, 1994, report "On solution of Non-local Problems in Time for Some Equations of Mathematical Physics"; Athens Interdisciplinary Olimpia, 1991, report "On a Dimensional Reduction Method for Some Linear Problems of Elastic Mixtures"; IUTAM Symposium on Shell Theory, 1978, report "On Applications of the Total Approximation Method to the Solution of Some Shell Theory Problems" and so on) Visiting positions, research stays and participation in congresses conferences and simposiums in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Danemark, Belgium and former Soviet Union; I am the author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications, 4 inventions, two patents (USA, Sweden) and two Monographies. Such outstanding scientists as are acad. A.A. Samarskii, acad. V.A. Ilyin, acad. A.V. Bitsadze, prof. A.L. Skubatchevskii, prof. B.P. Paneyakh and others (Russia); acad. Ph.G. Ciarlet, prof. M. Bernadou (France); prof. Babushka, prof. M.Vogelius, prof. S. Iensen (USA); prof. V.L. Makarov, prof. V.I. Gulyaev, prof. V.A. Bagenov, prof. P.P. Lizunov (Ukraine) have made references and quoted my works in their Monographies and articles. I am a member of the International Academy of Computer Sciences and Systems (1993), academican-secretary of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics in the Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences. I was a member of the council of a section on Modelling of USSR Academy of Sciences until 1991. At present I am a vice chairman of Council on Mathematical Modelling of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. I am a vice-chairman of the Specialized Council on Confirmation of Scientific Degrees in speciality "Theoretical aspects of mathematical modelling, numerical methods, complexes of programms" too. I have pleasure in being Chief Editor of the journal "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" (Tbilisi State University Press), as well as of other three editions of I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics.

  24. Georgian





  25. I have awarded various diplomas and orders. Among them are:

    1. Diploma of Honour of the Central Commitee of the Communist Party and the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union (1987);
    2. Two first grade and one second grade diplomas of VDNKh of the Republic of Georgia and premiums (1978, 1985, 1987);
    3. Diploma of Honour of the Ministry of High and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Georgia (1980);
    4. First grade premium of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Georgia "For the introduction of the results of high efficiency works", (1984);
    5. Medal of USSR "for valiant labour", (1970);
    6. Order of Valour of Georgia, (1998);
    7. Medal in honour of Ivane Javakhishvili of Tbilisi State University.